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TIS is an Angolan based systems integration company, located in Luanda, founded in 2013, developing solutions in the various areas of information technology, with Angolan staff.

Acting in the local and international market, it is also a techonlogy service exporter, which means that it is permanently updated with the latest technologies, stimulating the personal and professional growth of its teams, working with enthusiasm and commitment for the development of Angola.


Our Profile

TIS is a technology integrator focusing on innovative solutions fully aligned to your business.


We are the best partner to help our customers develop, by integrating business and technology solutions, with excellence and innovation.


Being an Angolan company of reference in information and communication technologies, recognized for the excellence of our professionals and achieved results.


Commitment in results, Ethics in relationships, Valuing plurality, Educating to grow, Passion for what we do.

Technology Partners

Recognizing that "technology is not made without partnerships"

TIS is an Angolan company, a reference partner of the main developers of technological solutions worldwide.


Our Solutions

"We transform opportunities"

We are the best partner in the development of our customers, by integrating business and technology solutions, with excellence and innovation.

Management / ERP
Integrated Systems

NetSuite - Enterprise Resource Planning system capable of controlling all the information of a company 100% through the cloud.

Public Sector
Revenue Management

Integrated Tax Management System - Complete set of resources to address tax needs of government authorities responsible for administering tax collection.

CC&B / Utility Customer
Care & Billing

Integrated System for Utility Management with a complete platform: Customer Service Customer Management, Quotation Management, Mobile Workforce Management, Data Management, Meters and Analytical dashboards for managing customer performance, revenues, exceptions, credit and collections.

BPM / Business Process

Business Process Management, aiming at modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of activity flows.

ECM / Enterprise
Content Management

Enterprise Content Management, covering the entire information management cycle, from digitization and cataloging of legacy information in various formats, up to automation of processes and their workflows.

Middleware /
Integração de Sistemas

Solution that allows the integration of systems and applications of different technologies, through a model called “Service Orientation Architecture (SOA).

Desenvolvimento de
Software a Medida

Software House mainly composed of national labor. With technical leadership formed by local senior staff, and composed of a team with consolidated experience in various technologies and platforms.

Segurança da

Cybersecurity solutions and services, with extensive experience in protecting one of the most important assets in the world, INFORMATION.

Our Products

"Overcome challenges"

TIS has a team of professionals with competence to develop projects using the main emerging market technologies, in order to add value and overcome challenges, creating thus, totally innovative “out-of-the-box” solutions suited to the business.

World Class Integrated Tax Management System, which aims to objective, among others, to ensure the interoperability of processes with complete transparency and agility, which offers a complete set of resources to address the needs of government officials responsible for the administration of the collection:

  • Designed for Taxes, Fees, Regulatory Agencies, and bodies that deal with collection;
  • Open standards, Java, XML and HTML;
  • Rules engine that gives autonomy to the business area;
  • Concept of worklist, workflow, entirely WEB and XML, SOA, security and intrinsic audits; Service Oriented;
  • Unique registration with 360º Vision and relationships;
  • Calculation engine and individual business rules by tax (configurable).

It is an innovative service developed by TIS for the Angolan market. Allows you to carry out financial transactions where, when and how want.

“As easy as clicking a button.”

It is a web payment platform that allows users to access your accounts and manage payment and collection receipt operations.


It is an application that performs the main Human Resources processes, making the HR professional's day to day more agile and practical. Ideal for companies looking to automate their payroll processes payment, generating receipts and having a reliable and easy history access, as well as optimize these processes in an integrated, flexible way and fully adhering to Angolan legislation. Ideal for those looking for replace foreign and foreign currency-paid systems with a fully multi-currency product.


  • Geo-referenced land registry based on satellite images high definition;
  • Geodata base synchronizer for relational DB with descriptive of real estate;
  • Generation of technical toponymy from all public places and coordinates of all properties;
  • Automated management of procedures for granting the Right to Surface and Property Tax (application, billing, registration and concession);
  • Automated control of collection / administrative collection covering the entire cycle without the need for external tools;
  • Possibility of Integration with other systems for management of collection and debt.

The PGCO system is an application that allows a simplified view of all works, as well as the monitoring and evolution of all work involved with contractors and supervisors.

  • Manages large volumes of annual invoicing;
  • Document Control: Access to document information, physical location and movement of documents;
  • Contract Control: Management of the contract and measurements;
  • Invoice Control: Invoice management and control financial installments;
  • Construction Control: Measurement and physical-financial monitoring of execution of the work. learn more ...

It is an innovative application for the national market, it aims to optimize and enhance results linked to workers' productivity supporting, the development of the Business.

Aimed at entities seeking information quality, flexibility, objectivity and reliability for management and support in processes for assessing the technical / behavioral performance of employees at all hierarchical levels of an organization.



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